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HIF 2012 GLIDER SINGLE STEEL SINGLE GLIDER SIZE: 50 X 58 X 103cm STEEL ARMREST / LEG TUBE 42 X 14mm ALUMINUM SLING TUBE : 30 X 19mm FABRIC : JACQUARD sling-tex WEIGHT CAPACITY 225 LBS PACK 1 BOX 75 X 57 X 35cm a) Lotus single glider offer you a great opportunity to relax b) Beautiful Jaquard sling-tex c) Stability in the base – steel frame d) Easy-to-clean e) Powder coated frame f) Stationary, modern glider g) Very comfortable do not need cushion


BLACK FRAME – design fabric brown, BLACK FRAME / design fabric grey, BLACK FRAME / design fabric red, BROWN CHOCO- FABRIC HT313, BROWN FRAME / fabric 1910, BROWN frame /sling-tex 32424, GREY CHARCOAL – FABRIC 22233, GREY FRAME – FABRIC HF M02, GREY FRAME – FABRIC HFBP035